(15-credit units) 
January – May, 2024

Philipps Universität is one of the oldest universities in the world and is steeped in tradition. Our partnership with Philipps Universität allows U of S students to earn credit units from the U of S for a selection of language and culture courses taught at Philipps Universität.

  • Philipps Universität courses are taught in intensive block sessions.
  • During a full term at Philipps Universität (18 weeks in total), U of S students will take two language classes and a literature/culture seminar and earn 15 credit units from the U of S.
  • Participants live on Philipps Universität campus and are able to participate in three excursions, including one weekend trip to Berlin.


Students will take two language classes and a literature/culture seminar at Philipps Universität, selected from the following list, based on where they test:

  • GERM 272.6: Intermediate German I in Socio Cultural Context
  • GERM 273.6: Intermediate German II in Socio Cultural Context
  • GERM 274.6: Intermediate German III in Socio Cultural Context
  • GERM 275.6: Intermediate German IV in Socio Cultural Context
  • GERM 276.3: Intermediate German Literature in its Socio Cultural Context

For individual course prerequisites, see the U of S Course and Program Catalogue


To be eligible for acceptance to the Marburg German Term Abroad program students

  • are required to have a minimum Cumulative Weighted Average (C.W.A) of 65% and a C.W.A in German of 70%
  • must have completed or be in the process of completing 30 credit units at the time of application
  • students must complete 6 credit units of German prior to departure
  • must meet individual course prerequisites, please see the U of S Course and Program Catalogue


  1. U of S Tuition (15 credit units - Category 1) 
  2. Program Fee: $5000*

*Program fee is based on 2019-20 and may increase or vary based on exchange rate at time of class.
This fee includes housing for 5 months, Marburg semester fee, health insurance for 5 months, and 3 excursions.
This fee does not include airfare, deposit for room, deposit for U-card, Mensa (cafeteria), electronic residence permit, teaching material, meals, etc.

Payment Schedule:

  • The program deposit of $500, payable by money order or cheque only, will be due upon receiving your official acceptance letter into the program. This deposit is non-refundable after September 15.
  • Balance: payable in full by November 1 (just prior to travel).
Financial Assistance:

Eligible U of S students may apply for funding. 


Marburg, a city on the River Lahn, was founded in 1140. It is one of the smaller “university towns” in Germany and is very welcoming to students. Marburg is known for its stairs and alleys. It is a romantic city with an old walled town center and exemplifies a medieval German town. Marburg has approximately 86,000 residents.

Philipps Universität was founded in 1527, making it the oldest Protestant-founded University in the world - it includes the brothers Grimm as two of its more famous alumni!


Application deadline for travel in Winter Term 2024 is April 30, 2023.  Online Application form will be available at the end of September.  While there is no maximum number of students early applications are encouraged.

If you have any questions please contact:

Program Coordinator: AandS.abroad@usask.ca