Washington Center Internships and the University of Saskatchewan

NEW for Fall 2020

This fall students can now participate in the highly successful Washington Centre Internship Program virtually!  TWC will be offering a Virtual Internship Program as an option to the in-person experience. This remote program maintains many of the outcomes of the traditional D.C. experience. Over the course of fourteen weeks, students will: 

  • You will  recieve 15 credit units from Usask (not transfer credits)
  • Gain real-world experience through a remote internship in your chosen field.
  • Build connections with your internship supervisor, career advisor, professionals in TWC's network, and students from around the globe.
  • Engage in career development training, networking and one-on-­one advising.
  • Program fee is significantly reduced since there are no housing or travel costs!

Program Dates and Deadlines

The Fall 2020 Virtual Internship Program runs for 14 weeks, from August 28 - December 3. The application deadline to the College of Arts and Science is July 2nd.  If you are accepted then office will send the materials to the Washington Centre by their deadline on July 15th. 

  •  Virtual orientation: Friday, August 28
  • Internship start date: Monday, August 31
  • Internship end date: Thursday, December 3


Program Information

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars is a non-profit educational institution headquartered in Washington, D.C. It provides undergraduates, graduate students and professionals with internship opportunities located mainly in Washington, D.C., and in selected cities abroad. The internship program consists of a work experience tailored to the student's interest and academic coursework.

The Washington Center is located in one of the global epicentres of politics, business and international diplomacy and maintains ties to more than 1000 organizations offering intern placement. These internships prepare students for all types of careers in the public and private sector, in nearly every profession.

Students who are accepted into The Washington Center Program will be provided with internships working for government agencies, businesses or NGOs in Washington. They will also take an academic course from the Washington Center. Students will register in 9 or 15 credit units of pre-selected University of Saskatchewan courses within the program, depending on when they choose to go, which may be used toward the completion of all Arts & Science degrees.  Students must submit their Washington Center Portfolio (prepared during their time in Washington) and material from their academic course taken at the Washington Centre upon completion of the program in order to receive credit.

Who Can Apply

Students are eligible to be accepted to the program if they will have completed a minimum of 60 credit units of university level courses, including 6 senior credit units in at least one of ANTH, ECON, GEOG, POLS, PSY, or SOC, prior to the Washington Center term.

All U of S students may apply.

Application Procedure

There is an online application form is available from the Washington Center website. The online application should be completed, BUT NOT SUBMITTED, until after its adjudication by the Washington Center selection committee in the College of Arts and Science.

The application form must be completed, printed and submitted to the selection committee with the following items:

  • A résumé that clearly outlines your educational, volunteer, leadership and work experience

  • A Statement of Professional Interest (100 words) that describes the types of activities you would like to be involved with during the internship and how they relate to your career goals

  • An Issues Essay (500 words) that discusses one issue related to the area in which you wish to work. This is not meant to be a research paper, but it should show you have some background knowledge and interest in the topic

  • One academic letter of recommendation from faculty. This letter should be in a sealed envelope with the signature of the faculty member across the seal. (form available online)

  • An unofficial copy of your University of Saskatchewan transcript (an official copy will be required upon acceptance by the U of S selection committee to send to The Washington Centre)

Program Costs and Dates

Applying early gives you the chance to hear from TWC sooner and be considered for internship sites that have earlier internal timelines. Students who apply by the Regular Deadline will still have plenty of great internship options, but some internship sites may already have closed.

Approximate Program Costs and Dates

Application Deadline


January 22 to April 30, 2020 $14,860 USD September 30, 2019 U of S students will pay 15 credit units of tuition to the U of S through PAWS, but 95% of this will be put towards The Washington Center fees for both Domestic and International students.


May 31 to July 30, 2020 $12,300 USD January 20, 2020 U of S students will pay 9 credit units of tuition to the U of S through PAWS, but 95% of this will be put towards The Washington Center fees for both Domestic and International students.


August 28 to December 3, 2020

Virtual program ~$6,000 USD

In-Person~ $14,860 USD

July 2, 2020 U of S students will pay 15 credit units of tuition to the U of S through PAWS, but 95% of this will be put towards The Washington Center fees for both Domestic and International students.

Costs include The Washington Center tuition, program fee, and housing.

Virtual Program includes The Washington Center tuition.

Students accepted to this program are eligible to apply for various scholarships

All students who are accepted to the program will be considered for these scholarships if they become available.

For more information about The Washington Centre please visit:

For more information about program costs and application instructions for U of S students please contact, the Program Coordinator: