Peer Health Mentors

Peer Health Mentors are student volunteers who promote health on campus.

Peer Health Mentors (PHMs) are U of S students who want to make a difference in their community and are passionate about the issues that impact student wellbeing. PHMs promote health on campus in many different ways including:

  • in person in the tunnel, in classrooms and around campus
  • through face book  Join the Peer Health facebook page
  • through health topic displays and health ed events
  • videos
  • classroom presentations
  • cafeteria table toppers (News You Can Use)
  • writing articles 
  • creating and promoting campus health campaigns

Peer Health Mentors focus on topics that affect students:  Mental Health and Wellbeing, Sexual Health, Nutrition and Fitness, Alcohol and Partying, and Healthy Relationships and Sexual Assault Awareness.

Volunteer with Peer Health


If you have ideas to make our campus a healthier place, we’d like to hear them and better still, work with you to make them happen.

Examples of partnering ideas
  • What's Your Cap Party Smart month
  • Healthy food market 
  • Mental health awareness month
  • STI testing week
  • Exercise Is Medicine

Student Staff

  • Mental Health: 
  • Nutrition and Fitness: 
  • Healthy Relationships: 
  • Sexual Health:
  • Alcohol:  

New Peer Health Mentor group facilitators to be announced soon!