Peer Health

Peer Health is a student volunteer opportunity for those interested in working with other students to promote health on campus.

3rd Floor Place Riel, 1 Campus Dr.

Peer Health is a group of U of S undergraduate students who want to make a difference in their community and are passionate about the issues that impact student wellbeing. Peer Health promotes health on campus in many different ways including, but not limited to:

  • In-Person: in the Arts Tunnel, in classrooms with presentations and mini presentations (5 minutes or less)
  • Through Social Media: on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram
  • By Creating: educational displays, campus health campaigns, videos, games and informative table toppers
  • Writing: articles and blog posts to be published on various social media platforms

Peer Health Mentors focus on topics that affect students, including:  Mental Health and Wellbeing, Sexual Health, Nutrition and Fitness, Alcohol Moderation, and Healthy Relationships, Invisible Disabilities,  Sexual Assault Awareness, and Parents on Campus.


Volunteer with Peer Health


Join us or invite us to join to in making ours a Healthy Campus!

Examples of partnering ideas
  • What's Your Cap Party Smart month
  • Mental health awareness week
  • STI testing World Record breaking day
  • Exercise Is Medicine
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Week
  • Exam Stress Less
  • Parents On Campus comfort room and programming
  • Health Chats for grad students

Activities for the year 2016-2017:

(all our events are open to members of the campus community, including the students, staff and faculty.)

  • Sexual Assault Awareness Week  September 18-22st, 2017

(organized in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan Student Union)

This year's focus is on being an active bystander. Students will have the opportunity to attend a community resource fair, workshops, a family friendly dance and a walk for raising awareness about sexual assault in the city and gathering support for survivors. 

  • Mental Health Awareness Week October 2-6th, 2017

(organized in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan Student Union)

The theme for this year will be self-care. Students will have the opprotunity to win prizes by participating in a photo contest, "What do you do for your Mental health?", attend a community resource fair and interact with some Therapy Dogs. 

  • Exercise is Medicine week   October 16 -20

Exercise really is medicine.  Attend a PAC fit class and enter to win!

  • Sexually Transmitted Ilnesses Testing - World Record Attempt, November 1st, 2017 

This year we are going to attempt to break the World Record of the most STI tests in a day. This record is currently held by Western University, Ontario at 1057! 

  • Stress Less during Exams, December 2017

During the period of exams we organize Nap Rooms, promote stress management with healthy snacks and free mini massages for students!

  • Thinking about my Drinking. January, 2018

Take a month break from drinking alcohol and think about how it affects your life possitively and negatively.

Health Promotion Team

Group facilitors
We have group facilitors for the following six health topics:

  • Healthy Lifestyles - Miriam Robak
  • Mental Health - Elizabeth Waslen
  • Sexual Wellness - Evan Seebach
  • Healthy Relationships - Sabrina Materie
  • What's Your Cap? - Marlize Fourie
  • Parents on Campus - Kayla Madder
  • Hidden Disabilites- Rueben Dreher

Student Outreach Coordinators 
Shiney Choudhary and Daisy Houle

Our Peer Health Mentors

Health Outreach Coordinator
Rita Hanoski oversees our Health Promotion Team