A healthy mind provides the emotional energy and clarity to approach and manage life with optimism and resilience.

Remote and online campus resources can be found at Student Wellness Centre.


With a lack of balance in life, stress is the most common result. While stress is necessary for normal human functioning, stress that is too intense or prolonged can be destructive.

Tips for relieving stress


Try Yoga Nidra On-line

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Anxiety is a normal response to stress experienced by everyone. However, anxiety becomes problematic when it is intense, persistent, and interferes with your life.

Tips for dealing with anxiety or panic



Depression is not just feeling unhappy. It encompasses feelings of discouragement and loss of interest or pleasure in almost all activities and pastimes and persists for over two weeks. 

It distorts the way you view yourself, others and the future and leaves you with feelings of worthlessness, thoughts of suicide, severe sleep disturbances and marked agitation. If you are experiencing depressive symptoms seek professional help (e.g., doctor, counsellor).

Overcoming Depression

Understanding depression is the first step toward feeling better. 


Everyone experiences conflict and feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction at some time or another.

Learn more about common features of healthy relationships and strategies you can use to foster a healthy relationship.

Healthy relationship tips



Having healthy self-esteem by seeing yourself in an accurate way and valuing your strengths and accepting your limitations will allow you to motivate yourself and believe you are capable of coping with life's challenges. 

Tips for improving your self-image



Although grief is a natural process experienced by all people, the severity and duration of a grief reaction will vary from person to person.

Managing grief and loss


Culture shock

You may be dealing with a range of unexpected challenges when adjusting to a new country or culture. 

Tips for dealing with culture shock



Upcoming Wellness Events


Getting help

Sometimes you may realize you need a little help staying healthy. Balancing the demands of university and staying well in the process is no small feat. 

Student Wellness Centre

  • Doctor and nurse appointments
  • Mental health assessment, consulting and counselling
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Sexual health care including contraception counselling and STI prevention, testing and treatment
  • Physiotherapy*
  • Message therapy*
  • Chiropractic care*

*Associated fees for physio, massage and chiropractic. 

Student Affairs and Outreach

If you are in distress or in crisis or you are experiencing mental health concerns please contact us.

We can provide or connect you to the right support and services you need.