Why work on campus

They are some of the hottest jobs around! Working on campus can offer a/n:

  • Great opportunity to become involved in your campus community
  • Good paying job to supplement your income while you study
  • Easy way to fit work into school - campus employers often offer flexible scheduling
  • Quick and super cheap commute - you're already here!
  • Opportunity to gain hands-on experience related to your field of study

Tips for finding a job on campus

It takes a little effort but it can be worth it!

  • Look throughout the year, not just in September – People come and go, and employer's needs change.
  • Talk to your Professors – Your Professors are excellent contacts as many hire Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants and Graders/Markers. 
  • Check out private businesses – Independent stores, businesses and food outlets on campus are often hiring.
  • Be proactive and seek out opportunities - Some positions will be posted and some will not.  
  • Look for opportunities that are of interest to you - You'll likely to have more fun, learn more, and stay employed longer.
  • Consider volunteering - It's not unusual for campus employers to promote superstar volunteers into paid positions!

Where to Look