Graduate awards

The Graduate Awards Database lists all award opportunities the CGPS oversees. In addition, departments, colleges, and donors from outside the university offer awards throughout the year. Use the form below to find specific awards.

Each entry provides information about the funding opportunity - eligibility criteria, the application deadline and instructions for how to apply. Search by keywords (e.g., Indigenous, SSHRC etc.) to find opportunities. Most awards are open to both international and domestic students.

In addition to these awards, the University supports graduate students through teaching, research, and service fellowships and assistanceships. For these, contact your graduate chair or graduate administrator for details.

Edward McCourt Fellowship


Based on financial resources available.


Open to graduate students in the Department of English.

Selection is based on the best qualified graduate student in the department and may be held in addition to a teaching assistantship or graduate scholarship.

DonorEstablished by students, colleagues, and friends of Professor Edward McCourt, member of the Department of English from 1944-1972. He died on January 6, 1972.
ApplyNo application. Graduate students who meet the requirements are automatically up for consideration. For more information, contact the Administration Support Group in the College of Arts & Science at

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The above search form only contains awards available to graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan. See below if you are looking for undergraduate awards or those offered by external agencies.