Use the form below to search among over 1000 scholarships and bursaries. There are two major deadlines to keep in mind:


October 1st is the deadline to apply for most bursaries offered by the university. Bursaries are usually given to students in financial need, though some bursaries may have additional criteria. Recipients will be notified by early February.

Struggling to pay for university? Consider applying for bursaries.


June 1st is the deadline for a large number of scholarships on campus. Scholarships are normally granted for academic achievement or leadership experiences. Recipients will be notified by the first day of classes.

Did you do well in your classes? Consider applying for scholarships.

In addition to the major awards above, departments, colleges, and donors from outside the university offer awards throughout the year. Use the form below to find specific awards.

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Featured Awards

Name Deadline Value
A. Jean MacKenzie Bursary January 31 Varies
Aboriginal Students with Dependent Children Bursary January 31 Varies
Hannon Scholarships (Theology) January 31 $3,000
Lee Oakenfold Memorial Award in Fine Arts January 31 $2,500
Verna Marie Parr and Paul-Marcel Gélinas Bursary in the Fine and Performing Arts January 31 Varies
Canada-China Scholars' Exchange Program March 6 Varies
Business and Professional Women (BPW) of Saskatoon Aboriginal Student Bursary March 31 $2,000
Business and Professional Women (BPW) of Saskatoon Mature Student Bursary March 31 $2,000
Canadian Northern Studies Trust (CNST) Awards Varies
Cassidy Gosling/Zerr Memorial Scholarship $1,000 minimum
Douglas E. and Margaret W. Cuddington Scholarship (College of Arts and Science) Jamuary 31 $5,000
Great War Centenary Prize June 1 (Deadline extended from April 30) $500
Ralph and Gay Young Prairie Roots Scholarship $4,000
Saskatchewan Youth from Care Bursary This award is open until June 1. $20,000

The value of each award will be up to $20,000 and which will comprise the following:
  • Regular Session (Fall and Winter terms) tuition and student fees
  • Required books
  • Residence and meal plan
  • Laptop bundle
  • Cash stipend for personal needs ($125/month for 8 months)

Applying and eligibility

Access frequently used application forms and view eligibility criteria for university awards.  View information on how to access application forms in PAWS.

Receiving your award

Information on payment of awards, award limits, and deferral of awards.

More awards

There are awards available specifically for new or graduate students: 

You could also be eligible to apply for a variety of external awards, which are offered by agencies, governments or other organizations outside the University of Saskatchewan. 

Off-campus students

Students taking U of S classes at off-campus sites may also apply for academic awards provided by their local Regional College. Many of Saskatchewan's Regional Colleges award over $50,000 annually to their students. 

Students registered in full-time study at the University of Saskatchewan Prince Albert site qualify for U of S awards and scholarships.