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The Graduate Awards Database lists all award opportunities the CGPS oversees. In addition, departments, colleges, and donors from outside the university offer awards throughout the year. Use the form below to find specific awards.

Each entry provides information about the funding opportunity - eligibility criteria, the application deadline and instructions for how to apply. Search by keywords (e.g., Indigenous, SSHRC etc.) to find opportunities. Most awards are open to both international and domestic students.

In addition to these awards, the University supports graduate students through teaching, research, and service fellowships and assistanceships. For these, contact your graduate chair or graduate administrator for details.

University of Saskatchewan Teacher Scholar Doctoral Fellowship

ValueThe approximate value of each Fellowship is $21,000, less employee deductions. CGPS will contribute $14,000 (scholarship) toward the Fellowship. The remaining amount (earnings) will be provided through an appointment as a sessional lecturer. The rate of pay as a sessional lecturer can vary according to the level of the appointment.
Number offeredVaries
EligibilityTeacher Scholar Doctoral Fellowships (TSDF) are mentored graduate teaching fellowships available to doctoral students only, in an open university-wide competition supported by the College of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS), in partnership with the Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching and Learning (GMCTL). Fellows must be PhD students in the 2nd to 5th year of their program registered and fully qualified with a grade-point average of 80% or greater. Please note that students who are beyond the 5th year of their PhD program at the start of the fellowship are not eligible to hold this award. Students must have successfully completed their Ph. D. Comprehensive Examination by August 31st of the application year to hold this award.

The Sessional Lecturer appointment/ Fellowship has the following requirements:
  1. The sessional lecturer appointment must be scheduled in Term 2 (January to April) to meet the requirements of the TSDF program.
  2. Fellows should not be assigned teaching responsibilities that will conflict with the requirements of the TSDF program in Term 2, including biweekly GPS 982 meetings from 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoons.
  3. Fellows are expected to teach a course within their subject matter expertise area that has a minimum expected enrolment of at least 20 students. All Fellows must meet all of the appropriate academic and/or professional qualifications before being appointed as a sessional lecturer.
  4. A Fellow’s teaching assignment can be in a different unit from that in which s/he is completing her/his graduate program, as long as the teaching assignment is still within the Fellow’s and faculty mentor’s areas of subject expertise.
  5. The teaching experience of the Fellow and combined teaching interests/goals of the Fellow and faculty mentor, as described in the TSDF application, should be taken into consideration when making the sessional lecturer appointment.
The selection committee will consist of the CGPS Director of Graduate Awards & Scholarships, a member of the CGPS Graduate Awards & Scholarships Committee and a member of the GMCTL. The criteria for selection will include:
  1. The graduate student’s grade point average.
  2. The student’s ability to articulate and/or reflect on their teaching goals, strengths, and areas for future development.
  3. The student’s and faculty mentor’s joint commitment to teaching excellence, which could be demonstrated by one or more of the following criteria:
    • Student’s enthusiasm for teaching or commitment to learning, improving, and/or critically reflecting on teaching and learning.
    • Student intended use/integration of best practices and teaching methods.
    • Examples of how the teaching partnership will have a positive impact on undergraduate student learning.
    • Examples of how the teaching partnership intends to learn from each other and work together.
    • Evidence of best practices in the faculty mentor’s approach to mentorship.
    • Examples of creativity and innovation related to classroom teaching or course design.
    • Demonstration of a commitment to teaching and learning through previous professional development.
    • Any other evidence addressing teaching excellence.
ApplyWe are in the process of rewriting the TSDF application. We will announce on PAWS when we will be able to accept applications for this competition.

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