The monetary value of an award is paid to your University of Saskatchewan student account and applied to any tuition balance owing (past, current or future).

If you are receiving a book prize, your bookstore gift card number and pin will be emailed to your USask email address by the University of Saskatchewan Bookstore.

Student Account Balance

In the PAWS Tuition and Fees channel, select View and Pay my Tuition and Fees to view your account summary by term. In most cases an award will be applied to your account in the fall or winter term.

Scholarships and Bursaries channel

Award information such as scholarship or bursary name, value, and payment date is viewable through  "Accept, decline or view my awards" in the PAWS Scholarships and Bursaries channel. 

Award refunds

If you have a true credit on your account after all tuition balances have been covered, you may leave the credit on your account for future terms, or request a refund of the credit balance.

Direct deposit must be active to process your refund. 

How to set up your direct deposit if you are a student
Add, update or review your direct deposit information

Once your direct deposit is set up, complete the Request for Refund form after the deadline for registration changes in each term. 

Refunds are not processed during the months of September and January and can take 4-6 weeks to process. 

Credit Unit Policy

In order to receive payment of an award you must be registered in and complete a minimum of 18 credit units over the fall and winter terms (September to April) of the academic year in which you receive the award.


  • If you require fewer than 18 credit units to complete your degree requirements, you must register in and complete a minimum of 9 credit units in either the fall or winter term of your final year.
  • If you are approved to study on a reduced course load through Access and Equity Services, you must register in and complete a minimum of 12 credit units over the fall and winter terms.
  • Prizes that are specific to a particular course or project, or for convocation, are not subject to a credit unit minimum.

If your registration over the fall and winter terms falls below 18 credit units, the award will be revoked and you will become responsible for any outstanding tuition and fees resulting from the withdrawal of the award payment.