Some students have all or part of their tuition and student fees paid by a sponsor, such as an Indigenous community, employer, or government agency. This is known as sponsorship or agency billing. In these cases, we process students' tuition and student fee payments directly from an approved sponsor or agency. 

Application process

Application deadlines

Fall term
(Sep - Dec)
Winter term
(Jan - Apr)
Spring and Summer term
(May - Aug)
September 10 January 10 May 1

How to apply

Sponsoring agencies must submit a sponsorship application prior to the start of the fall, winter, spring and summer terms each academic year. We will not accept changes to individual students’ sponsorships after the application deadline for the term. 

To apply:

  1. Complete the University of Saskatchewan sponsorship application.
  2. Submit the completed application to


  • Acceptance of a sponsoring agency is at the university's discretion and is not guaranteed.
  • If a sponsorship form is not received by the start of the term, the student is responsible for:
    • paying their outstanding account with the university by the payment deadline,
    • any late payment penalties assessed, and
    • receiving reimbursement from the sponsor.
  • Any withdrawal of funding after the payment deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • If your application is approved, your organization will be assigned a client/vendor ID number, which must be included on all payments and correspondence.

Before you apply

To help guide your sponsorship decisions, you can ask a student to give you proxy access to some of their student information (e.g., tuition and fees owing, class registration information and grades). 

However, once your sponsorship application has been approved, you can not place restrictions or contingencies on your sponsorship.

Payment information

Payments must be received by the due date on your invoice. Late payment penalties equal to 1% per month will be charged after the due date.

  • If payment is not received within 60 days of billing, a hold will be placed on the student's account that prevents further class registration and access to their grades, transcript, and degree parchment.
  • If payment is not received within 90 days of billing, sponsorship for future terms will not be accepted. The contract may be cancelled at the university's discretion.
  • If course adjustments result in a sponsor having overpaid a student's account, the credit will be applied to the agency account.

Payment options

Online banking

  1. Log in to your online banking service
  2. Go to "pay bills" (or your bank's equivalent)
  3. Add the University of Saskatchewan as a payee
  4. The account number is your eight-digit customer/vendor ID number. Please note, you may have more than one customer ID number for, (1) tuition and fees, and (2) bookstore charges. If so, you are required to remit two online banking payments to each separate account.
  5. Send supporting payment documentation to the following email address:
    • Student name/s
    • Student eight-digit ID number
    • Amount paid for each student
  6. Alternatively, you may attach a copy of the tuition/fees statement if the online banking payment amount matches the statement amount.


If you opt to pay via cheque, please ensure payments are received by the invoice due date to avoid late payment fees. The university is not responsible for late payments caused by mail delays. 

  1. Make the cheque payable to the University of Saskatchewan and make sure you provide your vendor ID and the list of students the payment is for. Please include:
    • Student name/s
    • Student eight-digit ID number
    • Amount paid for each student
    • Alternatively, you may attach a copy of your invoice if the cheque payment amount matches the statement amount.
  2. Mail to: Student Accounts, Room E40, 105 Administration Place, Saskatoon, SK, S7N 5A2

Sponsored student information

Your sponsor may not cover all of your student fees. Read your sponsorship agreement and ask questions. You are responsible for paying any fees that aren't covered by your sponsorship.

Tuition and fee payment deadlines and late payment fees apply to you as well. 

Proxy Access Management is a tool accessible through PAWS that allows students to share certain information (view-only access) with a person or organization (called a proxy).

Once given access, the person you share data with (called a proxy) can check the information as often as needed, but they cannot make changes to the data (e.g., register or drop classes, pay tuition). There is no limit to how many people you can give this access to, and you can revoke access at any time.  

Shareable information includes: 

  • Class registration information (including the specific classes they are registered in) and program information 
  • Tuition and fee information 
  • Final grade information 

Examples of information that will not be shared are gender, academic standing, and holds.  

Provide proxy access

This tool is accessible through a few different channels in PAWS, including RegistrationTuition and Fees and Final Grades. A link is also available through your Student Academic Profile page, which is accessible through the Academic Profile channel in PAWS. 

It is your responsibility to pay your tuition and fees by the payment deadline if your sponsorship application hasn't yet been submitted or approved.

We will not cancel late payment fees on your account that result from a late sponsorship application. Sponsors typically will not reimburse you for those late-payment fees.

If you've paid your tuition and student fees and your sponsor's payment results in a credit on your account, you are eligible to receive a refund.

Please submit a refund request and ensure you have direct deposit information on file.

If your sponsoring agency is also covering textbooks and bookstore materials, they will need to submit a separate application form to the USask Bookstore. If you have questions regarding your individual textbook and course materials sponsorship, please contact, or visit the webpage.