Errors registering in MATH 110

To register in Math 110, you must have ONE of the following:

 1)       Credit for MATH 102 or MATH 104.

You may register in MATH 102 (recommended) or MATH 104 in an upcoming term. After registering in MATH 102 or MATH 104, you will then be able to register in MATH 110 in a subsequent term.

2)       Achieved a minimum score of 60% on the Math Placement Test (MPT).

Please contact the College of Arts and Science undergraduate office at or 306-966-4231 if you have any questions.

C - This class is filled.

Corequisite SUBJ CNUM required: Corequisite SUBJ CNUM required.  Corequisites are two courses that must be taken in the same term.  This error message means that you have not selected all necessary corequisite courses.  <SUBJ#> indicates the subject and <CNUM> indicates the course number of the missing course.  To apply for a corequisite waiver, click on the Prereq/Coreq waiver form link and follow the instructions.

Corequisite example: If GE 111 has GE 101 as a corequisite, and you attempted to register in GE 111 without also registering in GE 101 (at the same time) you would receive the following registration information message: Corequisite GE 101 required

Departmental Approval Required: If a class requires departmental approval, it will be listed in italics under the class title on the “course offerings” page. Please consult with the department offering the course regarding getting permission. You can check to see if you have departmental approval for a class by using the “Check your registration status” link.
Departmental Approvals include:

  • Instructors Signature Required
  • Departmental Approval Required
  • Deans Office Approval Required
  • U of S Int'l Approval Required

Duplicate Course with CRN… This means you have already registered for a different section of this course in that term. Check your “Detailed Student Schedule” or the Add/Drop page to see if this is the case.

You must also register in a XXXXX section at the same time: If a class has a lab, tutorial, seminar or practicum that is set up as a separate section from the lecture section, they are linked together such that you have to register in both parts at the same time. If you register in the lecture without the lab, seminar, etc or in the lab, seminar, etc without the lecture, you will receive the above error including the specific type of section you must register in.  

For example, "You must also register in a Seminar section at the same time" means that you tried to register in the lecture without the seminar section. 

The lab, seminar, tutorial practicum sections that are associated with any lecture are listed below the lecture section on the Look Up Classes to Add search results page.

NR - No Registration: Students may see this error if:

  • the last day to add classes for the Part of Term has passed,
  • if the term is not yet open for registration

If you get this error message when registration for a term is ongoing, you may have selected the wrong term. NR refers mostly to the add/drop dates

Prerequisite error- click CRN for details: Indicates you do not have the necessary prerequisite course(s) for the course.  Click on the CRN to view prerequisite requirements.  To apply for a prerequisite waiver, complete the Prereq/Coreq Waiver form and follow the instructions.

This class is not open to students in your... A message like this will appear if the class has been restricted to students in certain Colleges, Degrees, Departments, Fields of Study (Majors, Minors, or Concentrations), Levels, Programs and/or Year in Program.
If you do not meet the restriction, but wish to request approval to take the class, contact the Department offering the class; for non-departmentalized Colleges, contact the Dean's Office of the College offering the class.  If you have requested approval to take the class, you can check to see if you have been granted an override by using the "Check you Registration Status" link in PAWS.

You have already received credit for this course or its equivalent: You may have already taken this course or an equivalent course for credit or have received transfer credit for the course.  Check your Unofficial Transcript under the Student Records link.  Students who wish to repeat a class for which they already received credit should contact their College.

SR - Student Restrictions: You may see this error if:

  • your access time has not yet arrived
  • you have a hold on your account. To check possible holds in the Registration menu in PAWS, go to "Check Your Registration Status" and select the term you are trying to register for.
  • your student status is inactive for the term.
  • You have an Academic Standing that prevents registration (i.e. Faculty Action or Disciplinary Action).  Contact your College.

This course is an equivalent to CRN... You have already registered for a class that is equivalent to this class.  You cannot take two classes that are equivalent to each other.

Maximum Hours Exceeded: You have exceeded the number of credits that you are allowed to take in this term.  Contact your college to request approval to take more credits in this term.

You cannot take this class because you have already received credit for SUBJ CNUM: Indicates you may have already taken or received transfer credit for a course that is very similar to this one.  Check your Unofficial Transcript under the Student Records link.  Contact your College to request approval to take this course.

Time conflict with CRN... The meeting times for this class overlaps with a class you are already registered in.

This class is filled for students in your program: Some spots in this class are reserved for students in your college, program, etc. but those spots are filled.  Contact the department to request approval to take the class.