Class overrides

Submit the request a class override form to request to override certain class restrictions, including:

  • Special approval (departmental approval, instructor’s signature, etc.)
  • Class limit override
  • Class restriction override (e.g. the class is only open to a particular college, major, program, or level)
  • Time conflict override
  • Lecture/lab exemption
  • Pre-requisite/co-requisite waiver

Contact an academic advisor in your college if you need to (you do not need to fill out the class override form):

  • Exceed your maximum credit unit limit
  • Repeat a class for which you already have credit

Late registration

Complete the request a class override form to request to register in a class after the deadline for registration changes has passed for that term. You will be charged a $35 fee for each class added.

Audit and change of audit/credit status

Auditing classes

Auditing a class means that you are able to attend lectures but are not entitled to participate in class discussions, hand in assignments, or write mid-term or final examinations. You do not receive any credit for the classes you audit.

If you audit a class you will have a grade of AU on your student record, unless the instructor determines that your attendance was not sufficient to earn an audit grade, in which case a grade of withdrawal from audit (WAU) will be assigned.

Students are not able to register on an audit basis at any time through PAWS - this transaction must take place at Student Central. Audit registration can only be processed after the start of classes.

Tuition for audit classes

Registering for an audit class

Find out if you need permission to audit the class. To find this information, you will need to perform a class search and if "Audit Allowed with Permission" is listed under the Attributes column, you will need permission. If "Audit Allowed with Permission" is not listed, you do not need permission.

If you do not need permission

Contact Student Central to be registered.

Note: registration as an audit student is not allowed prior to the start of classes.

If you need permission

You must fill out the request a class override form. When you submit a request, the instructor of the class and the department head will both review the request, and you will be notified once a decision is made. 

Registration can only be processed after the start of classes.

Changing from credit to audit

Request to change from credit to audit before the Audit deadline by filling out the request a class override form. If you change from credit to audit before the deadline to receive 50% tuition credit, you will be charged 50% tuition for the class. If you change from credit to audit after the deadline to receive 50% tuition credit, you will be charged 100% tuition for the class.

There may be additional implications for the student fees you are charged. Please contact Student Central for more details.

Changing from audit to credit

A change from audit to credit must be made before the Audit deadline. If the change is made after the deadline for registration changes you should fill out the request a class override form. In addition, a $35 fee will be charged if a change is made from audit to credit after the deadline for registration changes.

For more information on changing to or from audit status, contact Student Central.

Withdrawing from audit

If you need to withdraw from an audit class, please contact Student Central for assistance. If you attempt to withdraw through PAWS your tuition assessment may be incorrect.

Prerequisite and/or Corequisite Waiver

Do not pursue a prerequisite and/or corequisite waiver if you do not have prior education that would warrant such an approval. Prerequisite and corequisite waivers are granted in rare instances and are only waived if an equivalent alternative learning experience can be identified.

Permission to travel

Students can request special arrangements to be made because they are travelling on university business (e.g Huskie Athletics, academic conference, performing arts) and such activities conflict with their class attendance, course work or exams.