Term 1 Schedule

In a post-global pandemic economy, which has become increasingly tech-driven, the recruitment process has changed! Join a panel of industry representatives to discuss some of the changes they've seen, how they've pivoted to adapt, and learn how students and alumni can prepare themselves for the virtual job search process.
This panel includes Manager of Recruitment – Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and Northwest Ontario at RBC, Metering and Sustainable Electricity Manager at City of Saskatoon, and a Recruitment Consultant at Hays (international recruitment company)

Term 2 Schedule

Attend and win

You could even win a variety of gift cards! 

  1. Register via CareerLink for the event - the first 10 students who register for the event and attend will each receive a $15 gift card 
  2. Attend the virtual event - 4 students who attend will each receive a $25 gift card
  3. Prior to the event email your question for the panel to ali.wehrkamp@usask.ca - 2 students who do will each receive a $50 gift card
  4. Ask your question at the event - 2 students who do will each receive a $50 gift card
             - a student's name will be entered separately for each question asked (ask two questions, get entered twice)

Students names will be added separately to each category of gift cards they qualify for and winners will be drawn at random! Only students are eligible for prizes. 

For more information please email ali.wehrkamp@usask.ca or visit us online!