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Job Search Tips

An effective job search is an important tool in building a successful career.

Work on Campus

A great opportunity to become involved in your campus community.

Working in Canada

If you are new to Canada it is important to understand the Canadian job search.

Networking Opportunities


IndustryTalks bring representatives from various industries of Saskatchewan’s and Canada's economy on campus to talk to students about their industry, career opportunities, the realities of working in that industry, how best to conduct your job search and much more. 

Employer Sessions

Some employers also host briefing sessions, generally the night before the interviews. They are held specifically for the candidates that have been selected by the employer for interviews. 

  • It is very important that you attend these sessions if invited
  • Information about the interview and the organization will be discussed
  • A great opportunity for you to meet your interviewer(s) one-on-one prior to the interview
  • May help make the actual interview a little less stressful
  • Business professional or business casual attire unless otherwise indicated. 
  • These sessions are not advertised to the general public but offered to select candidates when they schedule their interview

Employers host information sessions (aka info sessions) to talk to targeted audiences about their organization and what employment opportunities they have to offer. It is an opportunity for you to network and speak directly with representatives from the company. 

  • Always held prior to application deadlines
  • Usually food and refreshments are served
  • Throughout the year, primarily September-November and January-March
  • Some are targeted towards specific College/majors
  • Can help with your decision to apply
  • Allow you to write a targeted cover letter that references your discussions at the session

Career Information Interviews

Create your own networking opportunities! Career Information Interviews are short conversations you initiate with people in the field(s) you are interested in to learn more about their role, career paths, the industry, etc. 

Career Fairs

Careers Fairs offer an excellent opportunity to:

  • Market yourself to some of Canada’s top employers
  • Meet with a variety of career professionals
  • Develop your networking skills
  • Gain a better understanding of career opportunities
  • Discover employment opportunities available to you

Campus Career Expo

The largest career fair on campus and open to all students. Polish that resume, dress your best, and meet over 130 of Canada's top employers.

Discipline Specific Career Fairs

Throughout the year, there are career fairs devoted to particular industries or Colleges.

Accounting - Sep. 8, 2015 Health Sciences - Sep. 19, 2015 Agriculture and Bioresources - Nov. 4, 2015 Education - Jan. 22, 2016

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And more and more employers are looking to LinkedIn to complement (and in some cases, replace) their traditional recruitment strategies.