As a study permit holder, you must comply with both of the following conditions:

  • Enroll at a designated learning institution (DLI) and remain enrolled at a DLI until you complete your studies; and
  • Actively pursue your course or program of study

Enrollment at a DLI

You must be enrolled at the DLI that you identified in your study permit application. If you have switched DLI’s you must inform IRCC in your account.

Actively pursue your studies

At minimum, you must be a part-time student as defined by your program of study. Your program of study course calendar will specify when you are expected to be registered in classes and when you are on a designated break.

You can change your program of study but frequent changes of your program of study may cause the refusal of a future study permit application if the processing immigration officer finds you are not meeting the requirement of reasonable progress toward the completion of your program.

IRCC allows a study permit holder to take an authorized leave of up to 150 days and be considered actively pursuing their studies. The leave must be authorized by the University.


An immigration officer may request evidence of compliance with your study permit. If you receive a request, you must respond. If you receive a request and require assistance, please contact ISSAC.

Be aware of your eligibility to work on and off campus as working when you are ineligible is in non-compliance of your study permit.

Non-compliance of study permit conditions may negatively impact future applications for immigration documents.It also may result in enforcement action such as your removal from Canada.