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October 1st is the deadline to apply for most bursaries offered by the university. Bursaries are usually given to students in financial need, though some bursaries may have additional criteria. Recipients will be notified by early February.

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June 1st is the deadline for a large number of scholarships on campus. Scholarships are normally granted for academic achievement or leadership experiences. Recipients will be notified by the first day of classes.

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In addition to the major awards above, departments, colleges, and donors from outside the university offer awards throughout the year. Use the form below to find specific awards.

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Edwin Wells and Walter and Jean Curry Award

Number offered1
EligibilityTo be eligible students must:
  • Have completed 78 credit units of the BSA degree and be enrolled as a full time student, as determined by the award committee.
  • Have graduated from a high school in Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba

The award recipient is to be a well-rounded individual. Therefore, applicants must:
  • Have a minimum academic average of 80% in their preceding year of study to be eliglble for this award.
  • Submit a written statement (up to 500 words) outlining their involvement and leadership in, and commitment to community focused endeavours
  • Provide two references with knowledge of the applicant's community activities.

This award is exempt from the university's Undergraduate Awards Policy as it pertains to award limits. Other awards received by an applicant should not be considered when determining a candidate's eligibility.
Selection CriteriaBased on the merits of the submitted documents and the applicant's references, as determined by the award committee.
DonorJean Curry and Edwin Wells
ApplyComplete the AgBio Scholarship Application for Returning Students Submit essays to College of Agriculture and Bioresorces.

Applying and eligibility

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More awards

There are awards available specifically for new or graduate students: 

You could also be eligible to apply for a variety of external awards, which are offered by agencies, governments or other organizations outside the University of Saskatchewan. 

Off-campus students

Students taking U of S classes at off-campus sites may also apply for academic awards provided by their local Regional College. Many of Saskatchewan's Regional Colleges award over $50,000 annually to their students. 

Students registered in full-time study at the University of Saskatchewan Prince Albert site qualify for U of S awards and scholarships.