Application deadlines may vary: Please see refer to each course below for its specific deadline. 

No matter your area of study, whether you want to be away for two weeks or an entire year, or if you want to travel alone or in a group there are many options to choose from. 

For more information on Taught and Term Abroad programs:

Quick facts
  • Offered during Fall, Winter or Spring/Summer (taught abroads are in Spr/Sum)
  • You take a Usask class abroad with the Usask professor and other students
  • You have the chance to partake in internships and practicums

Spring/Summer Taught Abroad Programs


 October 31 – November 19, 2022 

APPLY BY September 15, 2022 

 In partnership with the United Nation’s University for Peace students will travel to Costa Rica to learn about the “ripple” effects of water on local communities through classroom learning and field work. 

Funding is available to offset travel costs for eligible students. The instructors will provide absence letters for other classes while students are abroad. A virtual course option is available. 

Montana, U.S.A - Please note this is subject to Travel Advisories to the Destination Country
GEOL 308.3 Geological Mapping I
May and August, 2023
Deadline: March 31, 2023

 USask students will visit the Little Rocky Mountains of Montana to experience the splendid goelogical locale. At the foot of the mountains on the eastern side is the old gold-mining village of Zortman, out of which students will pursue geological investigations into the Little Rocky Mountains.


Urban Design and Active Transportation in Amsterdam 

PLAN 298.3  - (3-credit units) 

May 15–25, 2023 

APPLY BY February 1, 2023 

The course will take place in one of the most bikeable cities in the world, Amsterdam, which makes it a template for what is possible for other cities around the world. Students will experience, first-hand, humanistic urban design from innovative public works, people-centered pedestrian streets, plazas, urban playgrounds, parks, and amenities to bicycle, pedestrian and transit elements and networks. 

Geneva, Switzerland - PHYS 473.3

High Energy Particle Accelerators for Physics Research

CERN in GENEVA, Switzerland

Summer 2023 (exact dates TBA)

APPLY BY February 1, 2023 

This course taught at CERN during a few weeks in the summer term is designed to help students understand how accelerators can be used for their research in a very broad field from high energy particle physics to medical applications.


Studies in Theatre Cities 2023 

 DRAM 286.3 - (3-credit units) 

May 29–June 17, 2023

APPLY BY February 1, 2023

Take a class in Prague for credit! This course focuses on the historical and practical elements pertaining to the making of theatre (direction, acting, design, playwriting), specifically focused on the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space Festival. Over the ten days in Prague, students will attend no less than seven live performances, visit numerous artist exhibitions and partake in three practical workshops. 


Post-Atrocity and Social Justice: Uganda 

 POLS 300.3 - (3-credit units) 

July–Aug 2023 (15 days in country) 

APPLY BY February 1, 2023 

Take a class in Uganda for credit! This course critically examines the needs of a community in the aftermath of conflict and explores various approaches to peace-building and justice as attempted in northern Uganda. This study abroad course explores practical questions of transitional justice using Uganda as a case study. 

The flights for the Uganda program are fully funded by Global Skills Opportunity program, the Government of Canada’s outbound mobility pilot program.  This applies to Canadian Undergraduate Arts and Science students only. Students from other Colleges are not eligible for the GSO funding and must pay for flights separately.

GEOL 298.3 – (3-credit units)

Geology of Ireland

Ireland May 2023  (Exact Dates to Follow)

APPLY BY February 1, 2023

Take a class in Ireland for credit! See the beautiful coasts of Ireland! Visit Dublin, Cork and Galway! This is an experiential learning course, whereby USask students are encouraged to experience the geology of Southern Ireland and learn how to interpret geologic outcrops in the field. As well, they will see how the underlying geology of the country influenced it’s development, people, and practices.

Term Programs

Marburg, Germany

Five GERM 200-level classes (15-credit units) 
January – May, 2024, Philipps Universität
Deadline: April 30th, 2023

Take senior level German in Germany during the 2024 Winter Term. This 18-week intensive program in German language and culture is offered through Arts and Science in cooperation with Philipps University Marburg. Students take two language classes and a literature/culture seminar and earn 15 USask cu's. 



Guadalajara, Mexico

Five SPAN 200 & 300-level classes (15-credit units) 
January – May, 2024 (travel in 2023 has been suspended)
University of Guadalajara
Deadline: April 30, 2023

Take senior level Spanish at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico in the 2024 Winter Term. Participants will earn 15 USask credit units while studying at CECM and will take a combination of language and culture classes.


Internship Opportunities

Washington, DC

The Washington Center Internship 
Deadline for: SUMMER 2023 (virtually and physically) is February 1st, 2023
Deadline for: FALL Term 2023 (virtually and physically) is March 31, 2023

You will be provided with internships working for government agencies, businesses or NGOs in Washington. Additionally, you will also take an academic course from the Washington Center.




To be eligible for acceptance to the Study Abroad Program students are:

  • required to have a minimum of 65% Cumulative Weighted Average (C.W.A.)
  • must have completed or be in the process of completing 30 credit units at the time of application
  • must meet individual course prerequisites, please see the U of S Course and Program Catalogue

Required Documents

The following will need to be completed/submitted in order to be considered a complete application:

  • Online application form including a Statement of Interest
  • Academic Reference form - submitted by the referee, not to be included in the online application
    • Due to the pandemic we recognize many of our newer students havent yet had the opportunity to get to know their instructors as well as if we were in person. Consider reaching out to an instructor or TA that you have worked with, perhaps on a research project or essays.  We also encourage you to reach out to the course instructor and see if they have other options.

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Contact us

For study abroad questions about an exchange program or to meet remotely with an International Education Officer (IEO) please email from your PAWs account with details about your inquiry. An IEO will get back to you shortly to respond to your inquiry and/or arrange for a meeting time. 

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