Refunds are not processed during the month of September and can take 2-6 weeks to process.

Any credit resulting from dropping a class will be applied against any other tuition or fees owed to the University, either for the current term or the next term. If no monies are owed, you may request a refund through the Request for Refund Form. If you have negotiated a student loan, any credit will be returned to the loan provider so as to reduce the balance owing.

Adjustments are made to student fees depending on the date of a withdrawal according to the deadlines for registration changes.

If an error is made in assessing a student's account, upon discovery the student's account will be retroactively reassessed and the student notified of any significant amount credited or owing, regardless of whether or not the student has completed the class, graduated, or is no longer attending the University.

Financial appeals

Financial appeals take considerable time to process and may take 10-12 weeks to be completed. 

If you had to withdraw from a class due to extenuating circumstances, you can request to have your tuition reviewed and possibly reduced.

Visit Student Central to discuss whether an appeal or adjustment is appropriate in your situation, to find out what options are available to you, and to discuss what steps you may wish to take.

What are legitimate grounds for a financial appeal?

  • Complete Non-attendance
    You registered in a class in error or failed to withdraw from a class you decided not to take and did not attend the class. Written confirmation of complete non-attendance from the instructor is required.
  • Medical or Compassionate
    You are forced to withdraw from or fail to complete a class for medical or compassionate reasons (for example, due to an illness, a disability or a death of someone close). Appropriate supporting documentation must be provided.
  • Administrative Error
    You have made registration decisions based upon erroneous advice by instructors or staff or your registration has been affected by administrative mistakes. Appropriate supporting documentation must be provided.

How do I make a financial appeal?

To make a financial appeal you must

Financial appeals affect tuition and not student or other fees. Student fees are non-refundable after the registration change deadline for a given term.

When can I file my financial appeal?

The deadline for filing an appeal is 12 months from the last day of the term for which the appeal is being filed. *

  • For Fall classes, appeals must be submitted by December 31st of the following year and for Winter classes, by April 30thof the following year.
  • For Spring classes, appeals must be submitted by June 30th of the following year and for Summer classes, by August 31st of the following year.

"The operation of this deadline is suspended during any period in which the appellant is a person who, by reason of mental disability, is not competent to manage his or her affairs or estate and is not represented by a personal guardian or property guardian pursuant to The Public Guardian and Trustee Act or a decision-maker pursuant to The Adult Guardianship and Co-decision-making Act who, (i) is aware of the claim, and, (ii) has the legal capacity to commence the proceeding on behalf of that person or the person's estate. Nonetheless, an appellant is presumed to have been capable of commencing a financial appeal unless the contrary is proven by the appellant or their representative."

How long will it take for a decision to be made?

Financial appeals take considerable time to process and will be completed as soon as possible. Students will be contacted if additional information is required and/or when the appeal has been completed. It is the student's responsibility to provide supporting documentation in a timely manner. Financial appeals will not go forward until the supporting documentation is received.

Once a ruling has been made, every student receives a formal letter via mail (if a paper appeal application was submitted)  or email (if submitted through the Appeals Channel in PAWS) from Student Central outlining the decision.

If you have an outstanding balance on your account, late fees will continue to accumulate while your appeal is being processed. To avoid further late fees, please pay your balance in full.

Can I appeal the decision made regarding my financial appeal?

You have the option of appealing a financial appeal decision to the Financial Appeals Review Committee. If you want to explore this option, please write a letter explaining your situation and why you feel your situation should be reconsidered — include any supporting documentation that you may not have included with your initial appeal, if applicable. Please submit the documentation to Student Central and it will be forwarded to the Committee who will make the final decision. An appeal must be filed within 30 days from the date you received the outcome from Student Central.

How will the outcome of my financial appeal affect my tax information?

Your financial appeal may result in changes to your T2202A from a previous tax year. You should print your revised T2202A from PAWS. It is your responsibility to notify the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) of any changes to your tax information. For more information, consult your tax advisor or the CRA for details on how to change your return.